A screen shot for your viewing pleasure

Tonight I managed to get a clunky little UI working. It took a bit of work as it calls out to a C library I wrote via interop. The UI was designed using Glade and uses the Gtk widget set. It’s so easy to build decent GUI applications using the Glade/Gtk/mono combination in no time at all. If I had a choice I would love to develop in Gtk instead of winforms in professional life too!

So, here’s the screen shot:

The text you can see next to the buttons is the Fundamental matrix calculated for the chess board points found in the stereo image pair. The UI needs a bunch more work, but it’s really only a test harness and a debugging tool for me while I get the application working properly. Once the system is put on a real mobile platform it won’t have any GUI interface.

The next step is to test if the epipolar constraints I was talking about in my last post actually improved the accuracy of the matching process.

Anthea and I are off to Germany tomorrow to visit some friends and see some Christmas markets. Should be a great time and hopefully I might find some good photo opportunities too.

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