Slow progress

The epipolar geometry turned out to be much harder than I anticipated. I now have enough of it done to be able to check the epipolar constraint successfully. I am now in the process of reworking my stereo matching algorithm to include the epipolar constraint along with disparity, orientation, scale and uniqueness constraints. I’m hoping this will improve my matching algorithm and reduce any false positives. That in turn should improve my localisation accuracy as there will be fewer outliers and less error to minimise.

It’s been pretty hard to find time to work on this stuff recently as we have been so busy socially. I guess it’s that time of year with Christmas parties, catching up with friends etc. We are going to Germany this weekend and are off to India for two weeks from the 25th of Dec so I won’t really get time to do any decent hacking on this for the next month or so. I am really hoping that I have enough of the pieces in place that I’ll be able to make some good progress in the new year and actually be able to report some reasonable results.

I have been doing a little bit of reading about FPGA design lately and am getting quite excited about that stage of the project. I expect that will be immensely difficult but should be quite interesting too.

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