Cause I’m impatient

I thought I’d post a few links to some panoramic photos I have made of our trip to Seville. I haven’t had the time to update the traveling section on yet, so these are just a bit of a teaser.

I’m actually pretty impressed by how well these panoramas turned out. There are some bad color matches which are due to the source photos being taken in automatic mode on our camera. I have since learned you need to take the source photos in manual mode so you can get consistent lighting across all the images. I had to manually re-color them for these panoramas so that’s why they aren’t matched very well.

Anyway, here they are (click on the image below for the full size version)

One thought on “Cause I’m impatient

  1. Great to see these Jamie. La Espana just as we remember it. Feel rather envious that we weren’t there again. Looking forward to seeing the other as you get them up. The photography touching up sounds a bit complicated. They look pretty good to me and as I remember it anyway.Cheers Dad


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