It’s the debugging that’s the killer

I’ve tons of fun over the last few days trying to debug my vision system. To be fair I haven’t really spent that much time on it yet, but it is a fairly complicated system and trying to guess which features in the image the computer is interested in and why is a bit of a challenge. To make things easier I have been trying to annotate the images as the feature detection process runs and save them to disk so I can analyse them later. It’s required the wrapping of more functionality of the opencv library so yet more fun with marshalling and P/Invoke!

The other thing that maybe complicating matters is that I’m not sure how well the SIFT detection works in low light conditions and since I do all my hacking in the evening…

Maybe a bit of dedicated hacking this weekend will help.

In other news I am off to see Billy Corgan tomorrow night so am getting really amped for that!

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