Mono and Monodevelop – state of the nation

I installed the new builds of mono and monodevelop last week and having used them a little over the last couple of days I can say they are pretty neat so far.

I haven’t used any of the new features in mono (since 1.1.4) but it does seem to be a little faster, and also fixed a nagging problem I had where everytime I rebooted my machine I had to delete my ~/.wapi directory before I could build/run any mono application.

Monodevelop is looking a little more polished since the 5.1 release. It also runs on 64bit native mono at last which I am totally stoked about! I also installed a (experimental) plugin for svn integration that had been posted to the monodevelop mailing list and this looks promising, although the history functionality crashes monodevelop on my machine (I suspect this may be to do with the version of svnlib I have installed). My only complaints at the moment are that it is a little unstable and seems to crash unexpectly (I’m planning to figure this out and submit a bug report at some stage), and the lack of C# 2.0 syntax support. I am using generics pretty heavily in my current project and including this syntax totally breaks code completion.

Monodevelop is a pretty promising IDE and a great project which I would love to contribute to, if only I had a little more time!

In slightly unrelated geekage, I finally got round to setting up some samba shares on my home network last weekend. So now my house mates can all stream mp3s, video etc from my machine via the wifi network. It’s pretty cool having Linux, Mac and Windows machines all interoperating nicely togeather!

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