I wish weekends were three days long…

Well, it’s Sunday night and I really wish that weekends were three days long. I could really do with just one more day off this weekend. I feel like I haven’t had a decent break in ages and need a bit of relaxing and unwinding time. Most of the travelling Anthea and I do is pretty full on and not much time for relaxing so I haven’t really had a break since Christmas and beginning to feel a bit flat.

Had a few little wins over the weekend and am feeling pretty happy about it. I finally seem to have my xdaIIi syncing with Evolution properly. I am using SynCE and multisync to sync my Evo contacts, task list and calendar. It seems like a pretty solid setup now. I think my initial problems were down to some faulty partnerships I created while trying to set everything up.

I also managed to get a bit of solid hacking done on my Vision project this weekend. I don’t really have any visable results to show for my efforts, but I know I am making progress. Hard to explain to your significant other that you are really excited because you’ve finally figured out how to calculate the intrinsic matrix for your camera and undistort images 😉

I also managed to get some of the translation and rotation matrix multiplication working. Well actually it’s still untested as of yet, but it compiles and runs. I am rapidly approaching the point where I am going to need to get the other camera now so I can do proper stereo. I was holding off purchasing until I was sure I was going to be able to get the first one working correctly with opencv and mono and have now reached the point where I am pretty happy with it.

Anthea and I went for a huge walk around Hyde park in the sun today. It’s amazing the change in Londoners when spring rolls round and the sun comes out. I’m sure half of London was in the park playing frisbee or walking the dog or playing with the kids, and it’s really nice to see so many people out and enjoying themselves.

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