Never enough time

So I haven’t blogged in ages. I have been pretty busy with various things, but unfortunately haven’t been able to make much progress on my Vision system lately.

Anthea and I spent 4 days in Prague over the Easter break which was cool. It is a really beautiful city if you can get past the hordes of tourists. Also not quite as cheap as people make out either. I am planning to put photos up on the website soon (I know, you’ve heard that before!).

Finally got my new phone last week, an xdaIIi. Very cool device and I’m loving it so far. Had a bit of fun last night trying to build synce to get it syncing with linux. Unfortunately synce and all its dependancies are hard masked for amd64 on Gentoo, so I had to build it all in my 32bit chroot and am going to try running all the 32bit binaries with linux32 from my 64bit environment. I got as far as creating a serial connection last night and that worked so I think this strategy might just succeed.

Am going to see Neil and Tim Finn in concert at the Royal Albert hall tonight, so won’t have a chance to push on any further with the vision system. I am struggling with the opencv calibration routines at the moment. I need to use these to extract my cameras intrinsic parameters, focal length etc, but it is proving very difficult so far. Hopefully some dedicated hacking this week/weekend will see some progress.

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