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RTEMS on BeagleBone Black Wireless – Part 3

At the end of part 2 I was finally ready to start work on the eQEP driver for the Beaglebone Black BSP for RTEMS. As I’d mentioned previously in part 1, the BSP has been contributed to by a number of authors and it is lacking a little consistency. All the register address and bitmask…

RTEMS on BeagleBone Black Wireless – Part 2

In the last post I said I was ready to start work on the eQEP driver. Well… it turned out I was a little premature declaring victory on that. I discovered that although PWM output on P8_13 (EHRPWM2B) was working just fine, when I modified the code to use P9_14 it stopped working. After a…

RTEMS on BeagleBone Black Wireless

I’ve been doing a bit of development on my balancing robot recently and have become increasingly frustrated by Linux as an embedded operating system. I love Linux and run it on my computers, and for many embedded projects it would be a great choice and with things like ssh and web server support out of…

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