Hello world! Blog Mk III

I’ve decided to start blogging again, mostly this will be just a way of documenting my projects and reminding myself how I solved problems in the past, but I guess it’s always possible other people might be interested in my projects as well.

This will be about the third (or possibly fourth) iteration of this blog. It went on a long hiatus for a while there, and then got a reboot on wordpress hosting. Hopefully this AWS version will have stick around for a while. I’ve migrated all my old content onto this blog, most of it is horribly out of date now, but there are probably some nuggets of usefulness in there somewhere, and if nothing else it’s interesting reminiscing for me!

I’m planning on blogging about my three main projects I currently have underway:

  • an inverted pendulum robot that I am modelling on DPA’s excellent nBot
  • a programmable power supply – based heavily on Gerry Sweeney’s amazing work
  • my adventures in risc-v using PicoRV32 and a Spartan 6 FPGA dev board from aliexpress

More posts on each of these projects to follow.


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