GDB, BDM and the 68332

I’ve just been through the process of reviving my 68332 board that I got quite a few years ago from robominds. I wanted step debugging support and faster download speeds than are possible with the serial port connection so I downloaded the latest file package (m68k-bdm-1.4-pre4) from the bdm sourceforge project. I used the m683xx branch in the latest release as that is the culmination of Pavel Pisa’s work to support the 68332. The kernel driver needed a few minor modifications to support the modern 2.6.32 kernel that my Ubuntu distro is using.

The most modern gdb patch supplied to work with the kernel driver was targeting gdb 5.3 which is pretty old now given that the current release of gdb is 7.2. The challenge came when gdb 5.3 wouldn’t compile with a modern gcc due to gcc using stricter casting rules these days. Patching obstack.h using the same file from gdb 6.1 as an example solved this problem.

So now I have BDM support in GDB and step debug on my 68332 target board – happy days.

My patches needed in addition to those in the m68k-bdm-1.4-pre4 release.


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