Mono bugs fixed; Spring.Net support coming soon!

I’ve managed to get all my Mono patches committed in time for 2.0 which be released very soon. Bugs I’ve fixed are:

#325128 ConfigurationSection.GetRuntimeObject
#395209 Fix incompatibility in the HierarchicaDataBoundControl
#397612 Mutually exclusive behaviour between Mono and MS.NET for xs:import

As well as a couple of other fixes I didn’t create bugzilla bugs for:
The TypeDescriptor bug which I blogged about a while ago, and another XmlSchema bug where Uri.OriginalString wasn’t being returned in the correct case.

Hopefully with these Mono bugs fixed in the latest release the major barriers to getting Spring.Net support finished and committed in will be removed. I’m in the process of working through my patch with Mark Pollack, so all going well we may see some Mono support in the next Spring.Net release.

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