Starting your own business is hard

No one said it would be easy

Along the way you will encounter all sorts of barriers, obstacles and challenges and you are going to have to dig deep to find the drive to carry on.

So when your server blows up, someone you were planning to partner with vanishes of the face of the Internet without warning, a new competitor beats you market, you’re working ridiculous hours, and everything looks like it’s going pear shaped – remember why you are doing it.

Why are you doing it?

That is a really important question. Be honest with yourself before you start, if your only motivation is money then you probably going to struggle. There are all sorts of reasons people have for wanting to start their own business, change of lifestyle, want to prove they can, the desire to share a really good idea.

I’m still on the journey, but if all I had to pull me through was the desire to make a buck I’d probably have given up by now.

Still, I plan on making plenty of bucks!

One thought on “Starting your own business is hard

  1. Yo James! Big up to ya for this, and now I’ve found your blog, you’ll have another avid follower.Great to see you have the motivation for this…


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