A fun weekend.

Well another work week has begun but I had quite a fun weekend so am OK about getting stuck back into it at work. On Friday night Bruce and I watched Alien and Aliens back to back. These are possibly two of the greatest Sci-fi movies ever made. We did Aliens 3 on Saturday night, but didn’t quite manage to complete the set. Well, I guess there’s always next weekend for the Resurrection!

On Sunday afternoon Anthea and I visited the London Zoo. Now I’m a firm believer that Zoo’s not only have their place but are absolutely essential to the continued existence of so many of the wonderful creatures on this planet. It was great to see the breding programmes are having a positive impact and are literally bring a number of the species that I saw back from the very edge of extinction. Hopefully one day those species will thrive in the wild again, but for that to happen their natural habitats must first be protected from deforestation and poaching. I took a few photos although I didn’t have time to look at any of them last night. I might post a couple here if any of them turned out OK.

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