life in the fast lane

Been a busy week so far and Anthea and I are off to Porto for the weekend tomorrow. Really looking forward to what will hopefully be a relaxing trip out of London. I’m planning on bringing back more than a couple of bottles of port as well 😉

We went to Ben Harper on Tuesday night. It was a really amazing gig and he played for 2 1/2hrs which is pretty much unheard of these days. I would definately see him again if I have the opportunity.

I got some really good feed back on my MonoDevelop patch from Lluis. I got most of the bugs fixes finished on Monday evening, but he also suggested a couple of cool new features so I probably won’t get the next version of the patch ready until next week now. I’m still hoping to have it submitted before I go to LugRadio live the following weekend. There’s no hope of doing any work on f-spot in the near term though.

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