back to blogging?

So it’s been a long time since I blogged my last entry here. If I ever did have any readers I guess they are all long gone… Life has just been sooo busy over the last few months that I haven’t had time to even think about blogging let alone actually put aside 5 mins to write an entry. In fact I’ve done almost no hacking over that time either. Summer arrived in London with a vengence and Anthea and I have been taking full advantage with the busiest social schedule I can recall us having since we were students. We have also been doing loads of travelling with trips to Morocco, Isle of Wight, Amsterdam, Brussels, and this weekend Leeds. In fact I am actually writing this entry on the train on the way back to London. GNER have wifi on their trains now and I took full advantage of a free trial on the way up. It was very cool to be able to hack on f-spot and download a bunch of ubuntu updates for my laptop while sitting on the train to Leeds!

Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to find a few hours to do some hacking. I have a bunch of things on my todo list. I still want to get my compare view for f-spot finished. I have changed track on that one a little bit so hopefully with have some screen shots and a patch ready soon. I also want to rewrite my class browser patch for Monodevelop and get that submitted. I think it will be really useful and as I use Monodevelop a bunch myself these days it would be cool to be able to say that I contributed something useful to that project. I also have a website which I am building. That has a bit of a timeline but it’s still a bit top secret so no more details on that just yet. Finally just for kicks I downloaded the latest version of dashboard from CVS on Saturday and built that on the train on the way up to Leeds. I really like what they are trying to do there so I might try and get involved in that project at some stage too.

Not too much planned this week other than a gig on Saturday night and some friends for dinner Wednesday so we’ll see, might even catch up on some sleep!

One thought on “back to blogging?

  1. Hi Jamie, great to see you are back at it again. I keep watching even though I don’t understand a great deal. Working on the train as you did sounds amazing.Our conference starts tomorrow. Will be good to catch up with everyone. I will keep watching your site. Dad


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