Hello world!

Well it’s been an age since my last post and I thought it was about time I got back to blogging.

The Saturday before last was the scariest day of my life as Anthea was hit by a car while out running. She is fine now, and was incredibly lucky to escape with only a serious concussion and bruising. Three days in hospital did nothing for my nerves however and needless to say I will be running with her from now on!

In more geek related news I have put the vision project on hold for a bit. I just found it had got to a point where I wasn’t really enjoying it anymore. I think a bit of time out and I will be in a much better frame of mind to tackle it again. Instead I have started hacking on f-spot. For those not in the know it is a wicked photo management application for the Gnome desktop written in C#/Gtk# and running on the mono framework. I have already submitted three small patches which have all been committed to CVS and am currently hacking on my first major piece of work implementing a “compare view” where the user can compare two or more photos. This is useful if you take a bunch of photos in burst mode, or perhaps a series of bracketed shots. I am hoping to be come a regular contributor to this project as I think it is one of the projects that will add real value to the Gnome desktop and Linux in general.

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