My blog is stale – but the website’s updated

Well, I haven’t written anything now for over a month. I very occasionally get technology overload. It’s funny when it happens as it is the thing that I am probably most passionate about, but like all good things it is possible to have too much of it. I just find that after coming home from work the last thing I feel like doing is more coding or tinkering with photos in the Gimp or anything that requires too much thinking. I pretty much revert to couch potato status and watch lots of TV, or surf the web as that can be pretty brainless as well đŸ˜‰

Anyway, the latest bout is over and I am gaining enthusiasm to get started again on some of my projects. I have been well and truly stuck on my vision project for a while so it’s time to sit down and nut out this problem and start moving forward again. There’s also been a new release of MonoDevelop and I am pretty keen to tidy up some work I did a while back and get it submitted.

I have finally managed to update the website with our Scotland photos (many months after our actual trip!). So head over to and check them out.

We are off to Berlin next Friday so I’ll probably have more photos to post soon. I dug my Canon SLR out while I was at home and finally learning how to use it properly. So, the next lot of photos will be a little different as they will have been taken on film using a much more sophisticated camera, and hopefully with slightly better technique!

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