Episode III and … Success!

Well, it’s been a pretty good weekend and I’ve just got home from Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, which I can report is actually quite good and grateful departure from the rubbish that has been Episodes I and II. Hayden Christensen manages to display slightly more emotion than a block of wood in this movie, and the final scenes as he makes his transition to become Lord Vader are really quite cool.

I can happily report that I have finally cracked the rotation problem that has been holding me up on the vision system. I can now estimate camera ego motion between frames which is a vital part of the SLAM process. Hopefully some time this week I will have the system actually running properly with the two cameras and prove that it all works.

Anthea and I are off to Seville this coming weekend so I should go start learning some spanish… adiós!

One thought on “Episode III and … Success!

  1. Can’t comment on the film but has received favourable comment here.Hope you enjoy Seville as much as we did. Look forward to how it goes.Love Dad.


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