Mono is cool!

I recently built myself a new computer, and this thing is a beast. AMD Athlon64 3400+, 1Gb RAM, a bit over half a terabyte of SATA disk, Nvidia FX5900 with 128Mb VRAM, and other assorted goodies 😉

I am runnng 64 bit Gentoo on this machine, and it is blisteringly quick!

So over the last week or so I finally got some time to get Mono running. It was a bit of a challenge as the 64bit port of mono is fairly fresh (read need to get from CVS). I have however managed to get it build and installed and was able to test it by building a simple little hello world type console app.

The cool thing about using the 1.1.1 version from CVS is that it includes gcms, which is the new mono compiler for generics. So, I have had a quick play with generics with mono and I like!

So if you have a .NET runtime, what is the next thing your going to want? Yep, an IDE. I checked out a plugin for eclipse (which I use for my C/C++ coding) however all it really gave you was syntax formating. Coming from VS.NET I am a little spoiled and I really wanted tab completion. So I looked into monodevelop. Getting monodevelop to compile took a few goes getting the dependancies etc satisfied, however a day or so ago I managed to get it running and bliss! I now have code completion for 64 bit .NET (with generics support) all on my linux machine.

I am a happy camper.

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