Who wouldn’t want to be Iron Man?

Or more specifically Tony Stark, I mean come on – the guy has everything a geek could dream of!

I saw the movie last night and although the super hero story and the wow factor of the suit definitely captured my imagination, my slightly geekier side couldn’t help but be almost equally impressed by stuff that would have slipped into the background for most of the audience.

Take Tony’s bachelor pad for example, how cool is that bedroom? Wake up in the morning and as you step out of bed, your room senses that you’re getting up and throws up the news, weather, your daily calendar on transparent screens built into massive windows while simultaneously filling you in verbally on the really important stuff – that’s cool. In fact, I thought it was so cool I did a little research thinking maybe there’s a fun project there, but alas it seems that transparent display technology is still a few years away yet.

But wait, what about that workshop? It was rammed full of enough hi-tech toys to make any geek wet their pants. A robotic arm that you can give verbal commands to – awesome. A holographic 3d modelling tool – yikes!

The really neat thing is that some of this stuff really isn’t that far off at all. Of course we are going to be waiting a wee while before we have a fully integrated AI in our homes…